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Indigo Grantsmithing and Consulting

Grant Writing, with creative purpose.

At Indigo, we create compelling fundraising projects for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Our focus is both creative and purposeful in spirit: telling the story of your organization’s work and programs to grant-makers, stakeholders, and beyond. This changes profoundly across organizations, issues, and communities.

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Grant Writing

Tell your organization's story.

Grants are integral to many organizations’ funding streams, but they require a high level of aggregate technical information, strategy, and organizational background in addition making a case for a program’s need within a community. We help organizations determine their eligibility, potential partners, and barriers to applying and then work closely alongside them to tell the most impactful story of their work.

Organizational Fundraising Strategy

Plan your campaigns.

An organization’s fundraising plan is its roadmap to financial stability, growth, and sustainability.  It’s also an essential tool for creating long-term impact through programs and services. We strive to understand where an organization is at the beginning of our work together, then partner with them to map out a future which serves their mission while creating a realistic strategy that will take them there.

Special Projects

Think outside the box.

Some projects don’t fit within typical categories. We have found ourselves conducting yearlong accreditation projects, writing case studies, designing program curriculum for international health projects, teaching fundraising courses, conducting grant writing seminars, designing youth philanthropy programs, hosting large-scale public events, and beyond.  We’re writers, thinkers, storytellers, philanthropists, connectors, and strategists at heart—and all of this work is at the heart of Indigo’s projects.

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Indigo Grantsmithing & Consulting

Grant Writing, with creative purpose.

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